Nationwide Dental Implants was founded by Ethan Petroka, a successful internet marketer for medical professionals, in early 2019 after a close friend of his admitted to having incredible difficulty finding a trustworthy oral surgeon in their area. 

In the years prior to Ethan starting Nationwide Dental Implants, his marketing agencies worked with some of the best dentists and oral surgeons all across the United States. This meant he had not only the network to establish Nationwide Dental Implants, but also a system in place to filter out the best surgeons from the rest. 

By utilizing his in-house web design team to build this simple website, and by utilizing his search engine optimization and social media marketing agencies, Ethan was able to leverage his resources to quickly attract and connect hundreds of people in need with surgeons looking to help. 

As time went on, Nationwide Dental Implants went on to expand from an 8-location organization to now being able to connect anybody, wherever they are in the United States, with the best rated, vetted and trustworthy local surgeon.

Ethan and his network of professionals place trust and experience above all else. Deciding to get dental implants, whether the choice is actually yours or not (sometimes life happens), is a very important decision that requires a ton of accurate, trustworthy information to make. 

When you place your trust in Nationwide Dental Implants, know you are placing your trust in a team of dedicated professionals whose sole goal is to make sure you find the best-suited surgeon in your area, so you may have the best overall experience possible. 

Our goal at Nationwide Dental Implants is to prove free, immediate, and compassionate support to our visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Once you submit your information through a contact form, or pick up the phone and call our helpline,  we want you to know the individual on the receiving end of that information treats your privacy with the utmost respect and privacy.

Nationwide Dental Implants is a free to use third-party referral for individuals looking for professionally done dental implants anywhere in the United States. 


Nationwide Dental Implants is not an oral surgeon or medical practice. We are simply a free to use referral service connecting people in need with vetted pros wanting to help. 

Nationwide dental implants is, in no way, liable for the outcome (either positive or negative) of your procedure. Should you decide to go ahead with your procedure, you are doing so with your own free will. By submitting your information in our contact box, or by calling our helpline, you are agreeing to free Nationwide Dental Implants from any and all liability associated with your procedure.